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Grass-fed Raw Milk

Raw milk from our calf-at-foot dairy. 100% grass-fed Jersey cows who keep their calves. Grazed all year our cows produce the most incredible, nutrient-rich, ethical raw milk.

Raw A2 milk also available.

Calf-at-foot dairy

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A2 milk & beta casein: What's the buzz?

As Custard, one of our A2 Jersey heifers, approaches her calving date, here’s the latest on A2 milk and beta casein.

Milk is one of nature's most perfect foods, thanks to its combination of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats and milk sugars. And when your milk is from healthy and contented 100% grass-fed cows (like Custard), its enzymes and probiotics also aid digestion and the effective absorption of nutrients.

However, not all cows are the same, not even 100% grass-fed cows. A millennia-old genetic mutation could be affecting their milk proteins, which, in turn, might affect how we digest the milk…

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A Year in the life

A Year in the life

Farm life revolves around the seasonal cycle. Find out more here what goes on each season, what we have planned over the forthcoming year and when produce is available.