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Grass-fed Raw Milk

Raw milk from 100% grass-fed Jersey cows. Milked just once a day and grazed all year our cows produce the most incredible, nutrient-rich artisan raw milk

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Find out more about Smiling Tree Farm, our ethos, our values and why we are different...

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Taste unwrapped

It’s not just me, customers regularly remark on the incredible flavour of the meat, and milk, that we raise here. But why is our produce so delicious: what gives ‘taste’, and what makes up all those flavour compounds that excite our taste buds and provide a truly satisfying mouthful to savour?

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A Year in the life

A Year in the life

Farm life revolves around the seasonal cycle. Find out more here what goes on each season, what we have planned over the forthcoming year and when produce is available.