Farm walk & meet the animals

If you are interested in what you see on our website and would like to come and find out more please get in touch.

We are happy to show individuals, families or groups of people around who are interesting in learning more about sustainable farming and smallholding; or forest gardening or permaculure or producing meat and milk compassionately from 100% grass fed animals. 

Perhaps you are considering smallholding or small-scale farming and would like to chat about the practicalities and see a smallholding in action.

Perhaps you are studying agriculture and are interesting in finding out how low input, sustainable, small-scale fits in to the bigger picture.

Or perhaps you are just interested in eating proper food and would like to see where you can get it.

Then get in touch, we'll be happy to greet you, show you around and answer any questions.


Here's what others have said:

I just want to say thank you for letting us visit the other week.  Your farm is fantastic and has helped us refine our plan so much as well as actually picture what it could look like.  We both loved the Herefords, they look exactly as cattle should look - a normal size and built for the conditions.  Your forest garden was inspirational, so much productivity and growth in such a relatively small space.  We've joined the PFLA, which seems to have a lot of very useful information.  

So again, very many thanks.  I really can't emphasise enough how much you have helped us out by showing us around.  I hope one day we can find some way to return the favour. 

Naomi & Haydn


Everything you are doing with your farm is truly inspiring. It has helped me formulate a true picture/timeline of what I need to get started. And sort the must do’s from the nice to do’s. 



It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you today and see your amazing farm. We are both very grateful for your advice and inspiration and have been discussing things excitedly since we left, including your fabulous butter, so please put us on a keen customer list.

Elizabeth & Simon