This is proper dairy. Tasty, creamy and nutritious. A unique, artisan product from loved and contented Jersey cows, milked just once a day. Our cows are grazed all year round on their natural diet of grass, clover and herbs. They are never fed any cereal grains, soya, maize or silage.

How to order

Current availability

Our micro-dairy is truly 'micro' with just seven cows in the milking herd. Every drop of their unique, special milk is precious and bottled only to order. If you would like to join those enlightened consumers who have found our farm and buy some raw milk, cream or butter, then please get in touch and we'll see if we can squeeze you in. 

You can also buy 100% grass-fed, organic milk from another cow-calf dairy that we highly recommend at Babbinswood Farm in north Shropshire. 

Raw milk price & how to order

Our unique raw Jersey A2 milk costs £2.00 per litre.

Milk is sold in 1L glass bottles but we can supply in plastic if you need to buy in bulk for freezing. There is a £2 deposit per glass bottle on your first purchase, redeemable when the bottles are returned clean and undamaged.

Milk is bottled to order, and as supply is limited, please order in advance by emailing Christine with the quantity you'd like to buy and when you'd like to collect. We will then email you back to confirm availability or offer another day.

Raw cream & raw butter

Our raw Jersey A2 cream is sold in 300ml glass jars and costs £5 per jar. There is a £1 deposit per glass jar on your first purchase, redeemable when the jars are returned clean and undamaged.
Please order in advance.

Our handmade raw Jersey A2 butter costs £5 per 150g packet (salted or unsalted).
Please ask for availability.

Raw milk for sale