Weaned piglets

Want to raise your own delicious pork?
Order your compassionately bred piglets now for collection at the end of June 2017

Our sows, Toot & Puddle, lead a slow, relaxed life and farrow just once a year. They are able to put all their energy into raising that one litter, so their piglets are strong and healthy and grow fast. 

We keep some weaners to fatten for ourselves and sell the rest locally to those eager to raise their own lovely pork. 

Our pigs are bred and raised outdoors and we can only recommend you do the same when raising your own pork. These rare breeds do not enjoy being confined and run to fat very quickly when they don't have access to pasture where they can while away their days rootling around.

Equally, as pigs are highly intelligent and sociable animals, they should never be kept on their own, so we only sell piglets in pairs or more.

Price per piglet for fattening: £50
(weaned at 8-10 weeks)
Pure Tamworth or Berkshire x Tamworth

Price per Tamworth piglet for breeding: £75
(includes registration) 

Weaned piglets weaners

Luxurious lambskins

These lambskins are from our own sheep, so you can be sure that the lambs were compassionately raised.

The fleeces from Shetland sheep have one of the finest micron counts of all breeds and are luxuriously fine and soft. 

Ideal to line a baby's pram or as a foot warmer next to the bed, they make the perfect present.

The lambskins are undyed and come in their natural colours from creamy whites, fawn, cappuccino to chocolate brown. Many are a gorgeous two-tone which gives the colour luxurious depth and contrast. Every lambskin is unique.

Lambs vary in size and on average these lambskins are 90cm x 60cm.

Price £150  (includes 20% VAT) 

** Currently SOLD OUT **

Paleo lambskins