Milking a Jersey cow


Micro-Dairy Gathering

On Saturday 3 June 2017 we will be hosting a micro-dairy gathering here at Smiling Tree Farm in south Shropshire. 

The aim of the event is to share knowledge and experiences both with those already working in and those considering entry into the micro-dairy sector. As well as with those inspired to look deeper into dairying, and processing artisan dairy products, on a small-scale and the opportunities it presents.

Beef Burgers

While stocks last we have some delicious, proper beef burgers for sale in the Farm Shop freezer. Sold in packs of 4 quarter pounders. Yum!

See the ingredients here.

A2 milk beta casein


A2 milk & beta casein: What's the buzz?

As Custard, one of our A2 Jersey heifers, approaches her calving date, here’s the latest on A2 milk and beta casein.

Milk is one of nature's most perfect foods, thanks to its combination of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats and milk sugars. And when your milk is from healthy and contented 100% grass-fed cows (like Custard), its enzymes and probiotics also aid digestion and the effective absorption of nutrients.

However, not all cows are the same, not even 100% grass-fed cows. A millennia-old genetic mutation could be affecting their milk proteins, which, in turn, might affect how we digest the milk…

Sustainable Food Trust


The Sustainable Food Trust held an event in November 2016 to discuss: The Role of Livestock in Future Farming Systems.

The keynote speaker was the inspirational Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, USA.

I presented on my small-scale sustainable farm. The attached document is my presentation.  

Field of wildflowers and herbs


Taste unwrapped

It’s not just me, customers regularly remark on the incredible flavour of the meat, and milk, that we raise here. But why is our produce so delicious: what gives ‘taste’, and what makes up all those flavour compounds that excite our taste buds and provide a truly satisfying mouthful to savour?

Milking SOPs

There is no getting around it, scrupulous hygiene in the milking parlour and bottling room is essential to clean, safe raw drinking milk.

Our consistently excellent milk test results verify that our fastidious attention to detail and cleanliness of our cows is producing safe, uncontaminated raw milk for you to drink.

Read our Standard Operating Procedures to see how we do it. This is also a free download to share with other dairy farmers looking to improve their milk test results.

Cows sequestering carbon


Guilt-free beef

Fossil records show us that at the same time as ruminant livestock evolved there was also an explosion of a group of plants that could withstand hard grazing: grasses. They are packed with fibre, which makes them unpalatable to many other animals. Grasses swept the earth at the same time as ruminants.

Raw butter


Winter Butter

Butter made in the depths of the bleak midwinter from winter milk is a deeply flavoured, rich, indulgent treat. I can imagine in days gone by it would have been highly coveted. Fresh from the churn, I spread it thickly onto some just baked wholemeal bread and took a big bite – oh pure, unadulterated pleasure!

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